Chilly Dog 25/50K Trail Race

Cet événement n'est plus actif, la fiche est conservée pour fins d'archivage.

Note: L'événement ne sera pas tenu en 2012.

The Chilly Dog is the newest trail race in the Ottawa area, and will be held at Camp Kalalla near Wakefield, Quebec. We thought it was a shame that there are no winter ultramarathons in Ontario or Quebec, and set out to correct that oversight.

But a word of warning: this is no ordinary race. The weather in western Quebec in early March is notoriously unpredictable. Runners should come prepared with warm clothing, trail running shoes, Yak-Trax, and maybe even a pair of snowshoes just in case. The course consists of a few sustained climbs, a couple of flat portions to lull you into a false sense of security, and several short, steep sections that might require the use of a climbing rope (provided). The trail will be well-marked and the snow stomped down prior to the race. But if there is snow or freezing rain the night before the race, things could get interesting. Also, we aren't offering all those modern conveniences like nearby parking, chiptiming, post-race massage, or indoor plumbing. This is a race for hardcore trails runners who are looking for a new challenge. No wimps allowed!

Chilly Dog 25/50K Trail Race
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samedi le 05 mars 2011 (1ere edition)
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Dernière année:
Camp Kalalla, near La Pêche, Qc
Outaouais, QC
Voir sur la carte
  • 25k (5 loops)
  • 50k (10 loops)
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