Gérard Côté Holding Ten Mile Marathon

Gérard Côté, Canada’s great marathoner, will promote and compete in the 10-mile race being staged at St-Hyacinthe next Saturday.

Côté is going to have some stiff competition judging from the names already entered in the race. One of these is Lloyd Evans, three-time winner of the event; Lee Brock, winner of the Knowlton Marathon last summer, and Eugene Clouette, Canada’s oldest distance runner.

The Canadian Club of St.Henry has entered no fewer than seven promising youngsters. among them is Gerry Loiselle, Gérard Côté’s nephew, who has done well in track and snowshoe events both in Canada and the united States.

Hon. T.D. Bouchard, donator of the trophy which goes to the winner, will act as the stater. Other officials include Joseph Fontaine, M.P., J.E. Chartier, MLA and mayor E.O.Picard. Judges will be the Mrs Jules and Robert Rousseau, Bob Arsenault and Robert Benoit. The meet is sanctioned by the Quebec branch of the A.A. of C. (Amateur athletes of Canada)

The Montreal Gazette, 11 avril 1950

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